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Raphaël Lapouille is an artiste, a performer, a producer, a videographer,

a violinist, a sound editor, a keyboardist, a VJ,

a photographer, a cameraman, a sounds designer, a live video projection specialist,

a video editor, a light technician, a graphic designer, a computer specialist,

a teacher, a workshop facilitator, a humanist, a pedagogue.

Raphaël Lapouille is PiXalize.

Started as a VJ in UK in 2001. I since developed my skills and experience.

Today producing videos, music, from concept to editing,

up to presentation in live environnement.


I collaborate with theatre companies, choreographers, 

operas, musicals, poets, bands, DJs, pedagogues and businesses.

Have a look at the picture gallery below to get to know me and my work.

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